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Salt Yoga; The ultimate Yoga Studio in the South

  Yoga. Is it just me, or has it really taken a big jump into the spotlight over the past decade or so? I can only assume (actually, I’m pretty sure) social media has played a huge part in this. Until more recently, I still had the image of size 8, bronzed, vegan women performing handstands on the beach (notContinue Reading

Kate Gardner – Bottoms Up Colonics

Introducing Kate Gardner, from ‘Bottoms Up Colonics”   Super passionate Kate is married with 2 kids; Ruby 6 and Leroy 4 years old, and lives with her family (dogs and cat included) in Willunga. She has come full circle in terms of living spaces. Her younger years spent in Willunga where she worked at the local hairdresser, before setting offContinue Reading

Emily Hilder – Human Brands

Introducing; Emily Hilder, from Human Brands!   I had the pleasure of sitting down with Emily to talk all things life and business. What a character! Spend a little time with Emily; and you’ll love her too.   Emily was born and raised in Wales, but has since lived and worked in many locations around the world. Starting out in theContinue Reading

Yaisa Nio – Yoga Here and There

  Introducing; Yaisa Nio, from Yoga here and There! I sat down with Yaisa to talk about where she came from, where she is going, and what makes her tick.   Yaisa is relatively new to the Fleurieu Peninsular South Australia, having moved to her home in the vineyards in September 2015 after successfully gaining a Visa with her husbandContinue Reading