Emily Hilder – Human Brands

Introducing; Emily Hilder, from Human Brands!


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Emily to talk all things life and business. What a character! Spend a little time with Emily; and you’ll love her too.


Emily was born and raised in Wales, but has since lived and worked in many locations around the world.

Starting out in the advertising industry, her first job was with an agency called “Bray Leino” in London. Her first client was “Wrigleys Gum.”

She then worked in Chicago, Sydney, and Melbourne before returning to the UK for 6 years.

Married to Tom, an industrial designer and mother of Noa 5, and Felix 4 years old, Emily and her family moved to Adelaide 3 years ago. Emily began working for an agency in Sydney via correspondence, but it did not take long for her creative juices to flow into starting a business of her own. This is where “Human Brands” was born.


Emily’s marketing and brand promotion has a much more personal approach. The philosophy behind Human Brands is all about connecting businesses with their consumers on a much more personal level. After spending years working for agencies who ‘push’ consumers one way or another to adopt a brand; Human Brands helps businesses to grow a loyal customer base without the need for hard sells.


Emily’s goal for Human Brands is to simply spread the word about her different approach. After all, it’s a better way for consumers and businesses alike. She hopes to influence the advertising industry to take on a more heart-based way as she does.


She plans to offer packages for start-up businesses. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, and helping people to develop ideas into business plans.

Whilst in Adelaide, Emily also became qualified as a life coach, which ties in nicely when helping people to align their goals and business ideas with what is most important to them.


When I asked Emily about her fears (if any), she said “getting stuck in a small space with Donald Trump” (followed by her signature loud laughter!)


Emily’s favourite foods are Vietnamese, and anything crunchy or sour. She’s “mad about Grapefruit.” 


Something people don’t know about Emily? About 8 years ago, Emily responded to an ad on “Find a Crew .com” and spent 6 months sailing on a yacht with a complete stranger. She travelled from Brisbane QLD to Dampier in WA. During the adventure, she fished for her dinner, managed to break a foot, and made eye contact with a whale. Awesome.


After living in Largs Bay initially, Emily loves her family life on the Fleurieu. She enjoys the space and landscape of the region, and finds that people who live on peninsulas are “a bit different.” The community on the Fleurieu is more creative, experimental and like minded.

 Emily would like to give a shout-out to a local Maslins Beach artist Evelyn Roth. She is almost 80 years old, but this doesn’t stop her from being one of the most colourful and energetic people Emily knows. Emily has been working with Evelyn to help promote her art and business, and as a result, has become quite a fan!


I found Emily to be vivacious, warm, and loved her energy. There was a lot of loud belly laughter, and I’d just like to think I was hilariously funny and can take all the credit ;)



If you think Emily can help you and your business ; get in touch!

Email: emily@humanbrands.net

Website: www.humanbrands.net





Lisa x


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