Kate Gardner – Bottoms Up Colonics

Introducing Kate Gardner, from ‘Bottoms Up Colonics


Super passionate Kate is married with 2 kids; Ruby 6 and Leroy 4 years old, and lives with her family (dogs and cat included) in Willunga.

She has come full circle in terms of living spaces. Her younger years spent in Willunga where she worked at the local hairdresser, before setting off overseas on a backpacking adventure.

When Kate returned to Australia, she lived in WA and then Queensland for 8 years.


Her background has been working with Paramedics and in mining. Whilst she considered becoming a paramedic; Kate learnt her craft on the job with a “Bottoms up” clinic in Queensland. Part of this ongoing training included learning about physiology and the counselling that comes with the trade.

She is a woman of many talents; including Raynor and Infant massage, Reikki therapy, and has trained in body ecology with the guru Donna Gates.

Kate is also qualified as a health coach, gaining her qualifications through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and she is now working her way through the advanced qualifications for business.


With all the tools of the trade under her belt, Kate and her family moved back to Willunga in SA this year. (she’s still unpacking boxes!)

She seized the opportunity to open up her own “Bottoms Up Colonics” clinic, on Old South Road, Old Reynella. The clinic has only been open a short time, but is already keeping Kate nice and busy!

The ex-hairdresser building has been re-furbished by Kate into a serene and calming space. She wants her clients to feel at ease when they come through the door, so they can get the most out of their time there.

Kate utilises the “Closed” colonic irrigation method, which provides a more thorough and hydrating cleanse. She wholly believes in what she does and uses a holistic and personalised approach to each individual client.


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Kate’s short term goal is to provide community workshops, educating people on their digestive health, elimination diets and cleansing.

In the long term, she hopes to educate the up-coming generations and conduct workshops in schools, extending to writing children’s books on poo!


Kate is passionate about living a wholesome and eco-sustainable life. Her biggest fear or worry is about the environment that is going to be left behind for future generations if we do not look after our planet now.


Her favourite foods are a hearty vegetable soup, and organic green juices.

Something we don’t know about Kate? Well, she loves riding motorbikes, moon-bathing, and playing on a medicine drum! (I had to research that one)


Kate’s favourite part of living on the Fleurieu is the abundance of fresh food and vegetables, especially local almonds and honey.

Mmmmmmm, almonds :)


Kate would like to give a shout-out to Airlie Walker, from Balanced Podiatry. Kate admires Airlie, another Willunga local, for her similar values and drive, and for just being lovely in general!


For more information on Kate’s business; head over to her facebook page. Get in touch with her for any information on your digestive health. You’ll be converted in no time! (I know I am)



Lisa x


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