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Introducing; Yaisa Nio, from Yoga here and There!

I sat down with Yaisa to talk about where she came from, where she is going, and what makes her tick.


Yaisa is relatively new to the Fleurieu Peninsular South Australia, having moved to her home in the vineyards in September 2015 after successfully gaining a Visa with her husband Stefano.


A multi-style Yoga Instructor by trade, Yaisa has started teaching yoga in Sellicks Beach, at the old “Hundred Eaves” Chapel. She also teaches classes in Christies Beach at Salt Yoga studio, home to another Love Local favourite Claire Smith.



As well as here in Adelaide; Yaisa has some exciting Yogi Ventures coming up, including teaching at a retreat in Burma, and taking part in further teacher training in Bali later in July.

Between all of this, Yaisa is currently working her way through extra study with the Institute of Integrative Health, to qualify as a Health Coach.

Her goal is to be able to assist clients in using a holistic approach to achieve better health. This will include personalised 6 month programs that assess diet, exercise, work / life balance, and any other factors affecting your health and general well-being. All of this should make for a very balanced and complimentary business!


In the long term, Yaisa hopes to achieve a growing business that allows her to feel financially secure, and gives her the freedom to travel and work far and wide, wherever opportunity arises, with Australia as her home base.

Achieving a work / life balance is important for Yaisa to pursue and enjoy her passions, which are Yoga (of course), Scuba Diving, Food, Wine, trying new things, and travelling.


Travel has always been a big part of Yaisa’s life, and prior to settling in SA, she has had quite the variety of home bases.

Yaisa is from Holland, living many years in Amsterdam, but has also lived in France, Argentina, England, Egypt, Singapore, Italy, and the Maldives; Wow!


Prior to becoming a Yoga Instructor, Yaisa worked in banking for almost 10 years in Amsterdam and Singapore.

It was in Singapore in 2008 where she realised there was more to life for her than the corporate 9-5 lifestyle. At this point, Yaisa quit her job, ended the long-term relationship she was in, and moved to Egypt where she worked as a scuba diving instructor.

She would spend half the year in the Maldives, and worked on a boat taking tourists diving.

For a few years Yaisa lived between Egypt and Italy, and it was during this time she met her husband Stefano. Together they visited Australia for 6 months, and loved it. A return to the country was inevitable.

In 2013 / 2014 Yaisa went to India and completed her Yoga Teacher training. The ball was set in motion for a future in all things Yoga.


On a lighter note, Yaisa’s favourite foods are Sushi, Stefano’s home-made pasta, and “everything else!” She loves healthy foods, and always starts her day with a different fresh juice; packed full of fruit and veg, often from their own veggie patch at home.


Her biggest fear is having to go back to her old Monday to Friday 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Oh, and heights! After parachute jumping in Holland, she now clams-up at the thought of falling from great heights. (she almost forgot to tell me that one)


When asked what her favourite part of living on the Fleurieu was; Yaisa said the combination of space, nature, being the perfect mix of sea, hills and city, and the strong sense of community; with our focus on local food and business.


I asked Yaisa if she were to give a ‘shout-out’ to another Fleurieu woman in business, she said it would be Claire Smith of Salt Yoga.

When Yaisa first arrived in Adelaide, she searched and sent many emails out to yoga instructors / businesses, looking to make some connections.

Claire was the one and only person to respond, and arranged a coffee catch up with Yaisa at the Fleurieu Pantry in Port Noarlunga. Not only did Claire provide Yaisa with a friendly face to talk to, but also her first business opportunity, and a space where she could start teaching classes.


It was Claire who also put Yaisa onto Love Local Fleurieu; and within her first week in Adelaide, Yaisa came along to her first event at Mulberry Lodge in Willunga.


Now, as they say, the rest is history!




You can follow Yaisa on Facebook and Instagram.

To check out her website; click here

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